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Bagan Attractions

Royal Palace Hotel offers guests a sanctuary of peace in the cultural heartland of Myanmar and conveniently situated just 5 minutes by car from Nyaung Oo Airport. The hotel is perfectly positioned for guests looking to explore the temples, stupas and pagodas at Bagan Archaeological Zone. New Bagan Town is also nearby where visitors can experience the local market and dining options.

Other local attractions include:

Ananda Temple

Known as one of Bagan’s most beautiful temples, the Ananda Temple is located East of the Old Bagan City wall. The beauty of the temple lies in its symmetrical and graceful structure, with the most striking feature being the Indian-style gilded top called a Sikhara. There are 5 niches on the Sikhara and each contains a Buddha image. On the top of the Sikhara which is a spiral ornament shaped like an umbrella. These elements come together to create the stunning exterior of the Ananda Temple. Four towering gorgeous Buddha statues stand in the middle of the Ananda Pagoda. They represent the four Buddhas that attained Nirvana – Kassapa Buddha to the South, Kakusandha Buddha to the North, Konagamana Buddha to the East and autama Buddha to the West.

Bagan Pagodas and Bagan Temples

In its heyday, the former capital of the Bagan Kingdom was home to over 10,000 temples and pagodas. Today, over a fifth of the structures still stand at the Bagan Archaeological Zone, which draws comparisons in grandeur to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

Bagan Balloon Rides

One of the most scenic and memorable ways to experience Bagan is from a hot air balloon, which offers the perspective to really appreciate the scale and magnificence of the ancient city.

Nyaung Oo Airport

The Royal Palace Hotel experience begins the moment guests land in the beautiful city of Bagan as we are located just a short drive away from the Nyaung Oo Airport. This gives guests easy and quick access to the Airport Supermarket where snacks, drinks and other daily necessities are available, as well as a quick and seamless arrival experience.

Dhammayangyi Temple

The Dhammayangyi Temple is the largest of all the temples in Bagan and was constructed by King Narathu who, it was believed, had it built to atone for his sin of assassinating both his father and brother in order to ascend the throne. The temple is so large that there are a total of 4 entrances to the structure and the base of the structures each measure 78 meters long. While the Dhammayangyi Temple is the largest in Bagan, its construction was never finished as the King Narathu was murdered before its completion.

Shwezigon Pagoda

The Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan which is located near Bagan in the plains at Nyaung Oo, is a pilgrimage centre. It is one of the most well-known temple of Bagan. The name of this pagoda is originated from “Zeyabon” in a poem on “ Nine Wonders of Shwezigon. Bagan travel is really not complete without a visit to Shwezigon Pagoda.

Thatbyinnyu Temple

Thatbyinnyu Temple is derives its name from the phrase “Omniscience of Buddha”. As its tower over the other temples in Bagan, this majestic pagoda is clearly visible across the picturesque landscape. After the single storey pagodas built during the early period like the Shwezigon pagoda, the Thatbyinnyu is one of the first two storey structures built in Bagan.

Bagan Ancient Monuments Zone

Start your journey by heading to the nearby Bagan Archaeological Zone where you can discover and learn more about the beautiful monuments standing within the enormous area. This archaeological zone is comprised of 4 main settlements – Nyuang Oo, Old Bagan, Myinkaba and New Bagan – as well as of various Bagan Buddhist monuments, temples and shrines throughout the city and countryside.

Mount Popa

Mount Popa is about 50km away from Bagan and it takes about 45 minutes’ drive from Nyuang Oo Airport, Bagan. Mount Popa is an extinct volcano that is estimated to have erupted for the final time over three hundred years. Mount Popa is a sacred monastery with stupas glistening gold, perched atop an extinct volcano and recognized as an abode of many Nats. It is always high on any Myanmar must see list.

Popa Mountain National Park

Popa Mountain National Park is an important National Park of Burma. It is located in Kyaukpadaung Township in Mandalay Division. It occupies an area of 49.63 square miles (129 km2) and was established in 1989. Within the National Park there are numerous eco-tourism activities including bird watching and mountaineering.

Local Market

The market located nearby Nyuang Oo district, is a colorful and exciting local market, which is a very short distance by car or bicycle from the hotel and it is a must-visit for tourists to Bagan. The wide and dazzling array of goods available in the market makes it a great place for both foodies and shoppers alike, and is guaranteed to provide all visitors with a truly unique experience. Also situated in the market area is the Bagan Nyuang Oo Train Station (2.2 km away) and the Bagan Nyuang Oo Golf Club (2.6 km).

Bagan Lacquerware Shops

No visit to Bagan is complete without a visit to Lacquerware shop where the best Myanmar handicrafts and souvenir products can be found. Satisfy your craving for local handicrafts and shop to your heart’s content with a hassle-free trip to this popular area in Bagan.

Bagan Tour Itinerary

After breakfast, we recommend a visit to the archaeological fields of Bagan, including the colourful Nyuang Oo Local Market, Shwezigon Pagoda, a prototype of real Myanmar stupa: Kyansittha Umin Pagoda with a tunnel featuring interesting painting, Gubyaukgyi Pagoda in Wetkyi Inn village, a cave temple famous for its mural painting. After lunch at Royal Palace Hotel, visit to Bagan Museum, to observe the process of creating traditional Lacquerware, one of the best known Myanmar handicrafts and then whisk off to Ananda Temple, which sets the architectural benchmark in Asia, then visit Thatbyinnyu Temple, The temple has two primary storey which the seated Buddha image located on the second story and then visit Dhamayangyi Temple, the largest of all temples in Bagan and then as a finale visit paining Toddy Palm tree yard and taste the products of Toddy Palm Tree. Make sure to finish your day with a stay overnight at Royal Palace Hotel Bagan.